Social responsibility; The Museum exhibits in The Art Passage at Jernbanetorget in cooperation with Sporveien AS

Art in the subway

Experience Children’s Art at the passage at Jernbanetorget in Oslo.
On the occasion of The International Museum of Children’s Art 30th Anniversary (1986-2016) we are collaborating with Sporveien AS. The museum presents for the time children’s art in the ‘Art Passage at Jernbanetorget located in the walkway between the east- and westbound platform at Oslo S (central station).
The Art Passage is central a place where the city’s unknown artists show their works at one of Sporveien’s art scene, which is daily crossed by about 40,000 travelers. Throughout the year there have been exhibitions in the Art Passage of both photographic artists and painters.
Art Passage is a popular venue where the museum presents a series of 36 works in large format from the museum’s permanent collection.
Sporveien AS; – We see it as part of our social responsibility to safeguard the well-being elements that raise the overall travel experience. Sporveien metro stations have many art treasures and we transform the tram area to a mobile art arenas. Through our art initiative, we want to create a pleasant environment for passengers and provide a venue for local, lesser-known artists.
The exhibition can be seen in the 4 weeks until 21 October 2016.
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