Tjuvholmen, Oslo 👀 ✨Visit the Museum’s free outdoor exhibition extended until Sept. 27th 2021

Season-closed until 13 September 2021.

July 2021 Children’s Art exhibition at Steen & Strøm Oslo

*Extended Art workshop July 2021

August; Creative Art workshops (until 15.08.2021)

Summer Yoga *Sat July 17th & Sat July 31st Join the Yoga Lion on safari!!

August 2021; Balloon clown 7, 8, 14 og 15.8

2021 Journalism Award to honor excellence in pandemic news for children

Summer hours at the Museum until August 16

“ADIAMA, those who create!” SENEGAL

From June 2021: Textile & Collage

Art workshop May-June 2021

#kidspaintcorona worldwide exhibition

Top 100 #Kidspaintcorona art campaign 2020

Climate and environment seen through children and young eyes

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