High school/College

We provide tours to high schools, colleges, universites, adult teaching schools, culture clubs, and more. Our guide brings you on an inspiring tour around the museum. You get to see the children’s art and the museums collection, function and values. The dissemination are dialog based and we are happy to discuss themes like childrens creativity and expression skills. It is possible for us to customise a specialised tour in case you are working on a special theme or would like to dwelve deeper into one of our exhibits.

Focus and purpose

• Human value
• Identity and cultural diversity
• Critical thinking and ethical concience
• Joy of creation, excitement and exploratory urge
• Respect for natur and environmental concience
• Democracy and take part

Recommended tour

  • Duration: at most 90 minutes
  • Content: Visit the exhibitions. Analyse and reflect about
    the artworks and their power to show thoughts and ideas.
  • Preparation (optional): Pick an artwork and relect on how that represent
    its time.
  • After the visit (optional): Discuss: Is art supposed to be social and policital excitement? On
    which way can an artwork be exciting?
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Content: Visit the exhibitions. You will get to know the museum’s
    philosophy, work and children’s art.
  • Preparation (optional): Visit our website www.barnekunst.no. Discuss the
    purpose of the visit before the visit.
  • Tasks on the museum (optional): Focus on factors that brings forward children’s creativity and
  • After the visit (optional): What made an impression? How can we as adults help to
    show and focus on children’s visual communication?

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