2015: Etchings: De Driemaster school

The 4th graders at De Driemaster school in the Netherlands have been working with a traditional printing technique called etching. Etching is the process of using strong acid and a needle to manipulate the surface of a zink plate to create your designs and motives. When the plate with the motive is done, the plate is inked all over and run through a high-pressure printing press together with a sheet of papir. When the paper comes out on the other side, the motive has been transmitted onto it. The plate can be reused, which makes it possible to make the same image several times. The process is tecnical and the result is very distinctive.

The children were 9 years old when they made these images. Thanks to Nathan, Abel, Jesse, Renske, Berckan, Quincy, Isabel, Beyza, Fallence, Ahmet, Luc,
Charlotte, Thomas, Jess og Julie – Anne for submitting their artworks.

Image: “Migratory birds”, Luc (9), The Netherlands

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