2018/2019 Season Exhibition: “Reflections, hope and values”

Exhibition: Reflections, hope and values

When we ask questions, we can learn more. For example, how can children’s own opinions through art have relevance and importance in our daily lives and society? Children and young often ask questions with different psychological perspectives that require critical thinking.

This exhibition presents various world images that point towards the meaning and value ​​of life in both good and painful terms.

Our social and moral responsibility is to remind ourselves that you can not manipulate reality. Through dialogue and peace, the purpose is also to highlight the Rights of the Child’s according to the UN Convention, which most countries in the world have signed. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child gives children their rights, such as right to education, health care, play and leisure. An important right is that children should also be heard in matters that apply to them, such as:

Article 3
“Adults should do the best for children.”

Article 8
“All children have the right to have their own identity.”

Article 12
“All children have the right to say their meaning and their meaning shall be taken seriously.”

Article 13
“All children have the right to get information about what they are wondering and entitled to express themselves about the meaning, as long as they do not violate their rights.”

Article 22
“Children are entitled to extra protection if they are refugees.”

Article 23
“Children with disabilities have the same right to care, school and education as everyone else.”

Article 31
“All children have the right to rest, leisure and play, and to participate in arts and culture.”



artworks; Divided family (12) by Rafael F de Oliveira, Brazil 

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