Children’s art from Ukraine, Part II Project “Peace Relay”

Children’s art from Ukraine, Part II Project “Peace Relay” 2023


Children’s art is a unique phenomenon. No wonder such outstanding artists as Picasso, Klee, Kandinsky, Modigliani and others were active collectors of children’s art and they got inspiration from it to create their masterpieces. The foundation “Lviv Children’s Gallery” – the first children’s art gallery in Lviv (now Lviv Municipal Children’s Gallery), was founded on 31 March 2003 as an exhibition and presentation center, and since 2006, as a result of the foundation’s active cooperation in partnership with state and private institutions, museums, art galleries, cultural and educational and art academies, schools, lyceums, educational and other aesthetic units.

At the beginning of the war, most of the participants of the “Golden Easel” International Forum were forced to leave their own homes and leave occupied territories. They settled in different parts of the world and in resettled areas of Ukraine, they did not leave contact with the gallery. Through creative communication (via art therapy practice and conferences both in the virtual space and at summer events in 2022, which took place in Lviv) the participants were actively united and strengthened in the Spirit. Now all children have a desire to actively participate in the information battle with the Russian Federation for the freedom of Ukraine with their creativity. Today Ukraine’s children want to be heard! Their art is very sincere and uncompromising, therefore it is so important that their thoughts and intentions for a happy and peaceful life are heard on all continents of the planet, so that more countries support glorious Ukraine in its struggle for freedom and European future.

The exhibition “Peace Relay” of the XX International Forum “Golden Easel”, has been made possible in collaboration with the Lviv Children’s Gallery, in Ukraine. The foundation “Lviv Children’s Gallery” was founded on 31 March 2003 by Olha Mykhailiuk (Soronovych). The organisation’s aim is to realize charitable activities and practically implement international, national, regional and local programmes. The projects are aimed at supporting talented children and youth groups. Furthermore, it is an important point to realize cultural programmes, as well as promote national cultural heritage and strength.

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