The International Museum of Childrens Art Exhibitions PERMANENT EXHIBITION: Sculptures – Frederic Lanovsky

PERMANENT EXHIBITION: Sculptures – Frederic Lanovsky

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Frederic Lanovsky is a modern sculptor. He creates modern art on a monumental scale. His sculptures are unique and very colorful. Frederic also enjoys waterpainting and contemporary art has always been his passion.

Frederic Lanovsky was born in 1965, in Cannes on the French Riviera in. His childhood felt like pure bliss, surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean. He was 5 year old when he discovered his passion for drawing.

With the ambition of becoming a contemporary artist, Frederic began to make his dreams come true with hus studies at «Beaux Arts», one of the most prestigious art schools in France. He then moved to Paris to work as a colourist in fashion. In his spare time he painted watercolors, and made his first small sculptures, only 12-18 cm high. After three years in Paris, he moved back home to southern France and decided to stay there.

As a sculptor Frederic Lanovsky has always expressed himself by letting his imagination run free. He explores space, movement and volume, and often in a larger scale. Without limitation he creates happy and oversized sculptures. When looking at his works, perhaps you will find yourself joining him in his fantasy world.

Frederics talent does not go unnoticed. He puts his heart and soul into all his works, and no matter how big or small he makes his sculptures, they are very charismatic. His colorful sculptures are shown all over the world, and his style is very recognisable. From Europe to the United States – his monumental statues have made their way to galleries, hospitals, hotels, museums, airports, amusement parks, schools and street corners in a charming villages in France.


Frederic uses a selection of materials that can withstand the erratic conditions of «mother nature». It takes him about 3-5 weeks to make one of his sculptures, and he uses materials like wire, mesh, resin and fiber glass. His palette consists mostly of bright colors, and «the City of Lights» is an important source of inspiration.


As a modern artist, Frederic never stops creating. He loves to show his sculptures in places that are not necessarily related to art, so that as many people as possibly are able to discover them. His sculptures has now set a new and amazing mark on the outside areas of the International Museum of Childrens Art, and we hope a lot of people will enjoy them for a long time. The sculptures were purchased with support from Sparebankstiftelsen DnB NOR.