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The pictures are made by pupils attending Lerum School of Music and Performing Arts, just outside Göteborg in Sweden. The subject is called ”Art workshop”, with about 40 students attending, divided into smaller groups of 10 students pr group. Ages range from 9 – 16 years old.

The pupils get to try out different materials and techniques, such as painting with watercolors or acrylic, silk painting, drawing with dry pastels and pencils, sculpturing with plaster, wire, clay, cheese wax, beads and more.

Usually the pupils are given an assignment as a starting point for their projects. This might be to use a specific technique or material, or to reflect over a certain subject. The students are always full of new ideas and are always working on something.

Every year the school has an exhibition at the local gallery Dergårdsgalleriet in Lerum. The vernissage is well visited with lots of people, and the exhibition is on display for two full weeks. This year they also exhibit here at the International Museum of Children’s Art. You can also contribute to this exhibition if you want – hang up your own drawing with the same topic.

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