From 4th of March: Åpent verksted, Art Project with Kids from asylum seekers centres

Exhibition “Confidence through creativity”

With a compact and mobile “toolbox” full of fun and creative tools, Emma Davis from Åpent verksted and volunteers from Makers’Hub has weekly completed art classes with children living in asylum reception centres in and around Oslo. This exhibition is a result of the children’s work during the last six months. The children have learned different artistic techniques and have had a ‘playful’ break from an otherwise difficult everyday life.

Idea and implementation

Åpent verksted runs art courses and workshops that promote mastery through creativity. This project consisted of a series of creative art workshops for children in different asylum reception centres, facilitated by a compact and mobile toolbox equipped for running workshops.


Children from Oslo asylum reception centre, Ila and Dikemark asylum reception centre, Asker


Åpent verksted, in cooperation with Makers’Hub, has received support from UDI to complete the project.



  • English
  • Norsk bokmål