2015: Mikael’s digital universe

Mikael is 15 years old and comes from Karlsøy, Troms. He loves to draw, and he’s been drawing since he was little. His drawings are colorful, expressive and a result of free fantasy. His art is rich in detail, and his titles are often little stories in themselves.

Mikael has participated in the Norwegian Youth Festivals of Art (UKM), and was sent through to the county finals. He is currently in 10th grade, and next year he will move on to secondary school, specializing in media and communications. Mikael’s biggest dream is to become a director and make animated movies.

In addition to drawing, Mikael enjoys playing chess and theater. He hopes to make a book out of the drawings currently displayed at the International Museum of Childrens Art.

Image: «Flappy Bird», Mikael (15), Norway

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