From November 10th; Oslo-Shanghai “Imagining the Future”

20 years of cooperation
In 2001, the City of Oslo and the City of Shanghai signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement facilitates cooperation in a number of areas such as environment and climate, trade and business, research and technology, education, sports, health and culture. This year the City of Oslo marks the 20th anniversary of the agreement. The City of Oslo is proud that the cooperation with the City of Shanghai is celebrated with a joint exhibition of children’s art in Oslo and Shanghai with the theme «Imagining the Future».

The children’s art exhibition is realized in collaboration between Oslo Municipality / Office of the Governing Mayor, The Chinese Welfare Association Children’s Palace in Shanghai, the Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai and The International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo.

The exhibition focuses on the children’s perception of the cities of the future. When we ask children, the adults of tomorrow, they also think future-oriented in a positive and creative way. Children and young people want green zones, security, a protected nature in harmony and travel to exciting destinations in step with technology and the development of a sustainable society.

The Opening Ceremony of Children’s Painting Exhibition “Imagining the Future” in celebration of 20th Anniversary of the Sister City Relationship Between Oslo and Shanghai was officially marked November 10th by Ms. Rina Mariann Hansen, vice Mayor of the City of Oslo, Ms. Lise Nordgaard, the Consul General Of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai, Ms. Hedda Skandsen, the deputy Consul General of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai, Mr. Liu Guangyong, the deputy Director-General of Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office (SHFAO), Mr. Li Chunping, the inspector at level 2 and the director of the European and African Affairs Division of Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office (SHFAO), Ms. Sun Yan, person in charge of cultural affairs from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Kingdom of Norway, Ms. Zheng Yunhua, the director of the China Welfare Institute Children’s Palace and Ms. Angela Goldin, the director of The International Museum of Children’s Art.





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