DIE ZEIT Leo; What future world do you want to live in?

Spring 2017, Germany’s largest weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and the International Museum of Children’s Art invited children and young people to express their opinion around the theme: “What future world do you want to live in?”
Children and young thought about what they would change, get rid of and invent to make the world better, happier and more colorful. Many visualized the importance of protecting nature and the environment, and that world leaders should not start any more wars. Technology also plays a central role in which machines and new inventions could improve the lives of many people. Simultaneously, children also share personal desires such as less arguing at home among family and that sick and close relatives recover rapidly. 
The response has been overwhelming – within a few weeks nearly 1000 creative contributions were received. The exhibition at the Museum is proud to present an extract of up to 200 works and in addition a variety of digital entries.

»Mehr glückliche, unterschiedliche Menschen auf unserer Welt!«, wünscht sich Louisa,
9 Jahre, aus Köln

Invitation 2017, Die Zeit nr 16/2017

»Zusammenhalt vor Technik« von Annika, 15 Jahre, aus Rotenburg (Wümme)

Top image; »Grüne Welt« – Green world by/ von Mia, 7 Jahre, aus Paris (Frankreich) from Paris France

paint dots