2021 Journalism Award to honor excellence in pandemic news for children!

2021 Journalism Award to honor excellence in pandemic news for children!




The LEO-Kid’s Page of the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT initiated a joint art-project with the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, Norway, to create a virtual and physical global #kidspaintcorona exhibit. More than 5500 pieces of art from 64 countries were received. The children taking part were between 2 and 18 years old. Some artwork appeared in DIE ZEIT (print), in ZEIT Online and in other newspapers and on websites worldwide. News organization partners were The Washington Post (USA), News-O-Matic (US and France), Joca newspaper (Brazil), Anorak (UK), Le Journal des Enfants (France), Mi Super Diario ( Latin America), which received special commendations for their contribution to the initiative.  Most of the artwork can still be seen on the website of the museum.


This truly global endeavor perfectly shows the impact of institutional collaboration in giving a voice to children who, in spite of living apart, were united by a common theme. We were blown away by the stunning and imaginative artwork. This is totally worth replicating locally.


Global Youth & News Media, founded in 2018, aims to strengthen the linkages between young people and news media through three kinds of actions: honoring news media that truly serve the young, promoting media literacy through a journalistic prism and amplifying the journalism of young people.  We work to reinforce such engagement between news media and young people under age 24 while emphasizing the crucial role of journalism in society. We seek to help youth become empowered to use news media and journalism as tools to help safeguard and advance their society, democracies and planet.


Starting in 2020, we began international projects to help advance youth engagement with news. Our first action featured two inaugural editions of the  World  Teenage Reporting Project, which encouraged selected news media (both adult- and student-run) around the world to assign their teenage journalists to cover the untold stories of their counterparts who were helping during the COVID-19 pandemic and to profile champions of tolerance. The 2021 edition — Who is Saving the Planet? — has a focus on climate champions leading up to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.



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