2020 INVITATION: Kid’s paint Corona: Join the worldwide call! (deadline 31.5.2020)


Kid’s paintings on Corona-Crisis: Join the worldwide call! #kidspaintcorona

You can draw history!
The German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT and The International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, Norway start a call for kid’s paintings on the Corona-Crisis.

Covid-19-pandemic is all over the world and while scientists, politicians and economists are trying to fight the virus and its consequences, it is important to also include the young on such a vital historic event that affects everyone in the times we are living in right now. 
How do children experience these days? How have their daily routines changed? What are their hopes, their fears, their moments of joy? And what do they wish for in future times? Even the youngest ones can express themselves in pictures. We are sure, the results will be impressive for adults – now and in future times.

Join us!
Since the pandemic does not care about boarders, we are also looking for partners all over the world to join this call and spread the information!. 
We really think, we can collect something big here, an international children’s Art-movement, historical documents which people in the future will look at and learn from!

  • The art campaign promotes artistic expression inviting kids world wide to present their emotions, feelings, ideas and on the covid-19
  • The aim is also to raise awareness of children’s rights to self-expression and opinion, according to the UN Convention, Rights of the Child, Article no. 12-13.

Corona virus is turning our lives upside down – but how do you get along with it? Paint a picture and become part of our global art protect! All over the world children and young are asked to preserve these days with pen and paper for our future.

Imagine, you were able to step into a time machine and travel into the future, let’s say to the year 2050. Of course you’ll be a grown-up then, and these crazy corona days we are going through right now will be a memory from a distant past. But what exactly will you remember? Are you still going to know how you celebrated your Easter holidays? Which were the fun moments, when everyone had to stay at home? Are you still going to remember, how many weeks you haven’t seen your grandparents? Or how long your hair grew, because all the hairdressers were closed?  Why should anyone in the future care about all that? The answer is simple: One day the corona virus will be found in history books. Even though you wish for this whole nightmare to end soon – you are experiencing a time adults call „historical“. A time, people will remember for a very long time.

In the future, it will be easy to find out what politicians and scientists thought during that time. They appear in the news every day. But what about you? How do you experience the corona days? What about all the other kids all over the world? 

That is what we want to know – and preserve it for the future, in a large art project. Together with the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo and a lot of supporters from all over the world we are calling for a major painting campaign. And you can be part of it!

Paint for us!
It should be a picture, of course, but how big and colorful it is going to be is freely up to you. You are free to draw whatever you like. Maybe you wanna turn the virus into a comic. Maybe you are going to paint the view from your window. Or you try to express your feelings with colors. Paint, whatever makes you happy, whatever scares you or paint something you really miss. You could also travel through time in your head and paint a picture of what you wish for the future after corona. 

Young artists are invited to submit entries:

Art campaign Guidelines: 

  • Final date for submissions; May 31st 2020
  • Theme: Corona virus Covid-19, draw or paint your experience, hope, fears, moments of joy and wish for the future.
  • You may use any medium and art material 
  • Digitals entries can be drawings, sketching’s, paintings or even written text. (example: use pencils, crayons, oil pastels, coloured pencils, water colours, acrylic, oil pastels & colours and more)
  • Open to all children and young worldwide, up to 18 years
  • All entries in digital form created between April 2020-31 May 2020
  • a) All artworks can be upload directly via the Museum website in jpeg form (max 5MB) submit entries with full name, age and title or comment via “digital link:https://barnekunst.no/en/entry-form/
  • b) Or when your drawing is ready: Send it to us. Take a picture of your artwork or scan it (your parents will be glad to help), e-mail it to kidspaintcorona@zeit.de by May 31, 2020 and post it together with the hashtag #kidspaintcorona on Instagram.
  • c) Original artworks for future exhibition at the Museum, can be posted to; The International Museum of Children’s Art, street; Lille Frøens vei 4, Postal code; N-0371 Oslo, Norway
  • Posted originals artworks must be certified by an adult, see details, entry-form: https://barnekunst.no/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/bidrag_eng.pdf
  • Join us & use hashtag #kidspaintcorona 
GALLERY LINK (display from end May-June)
We will show your picture to the rest of the world!
Selected pictures will be presented on the gallery website of The International Museum of Children’s Art.  At www.barnekunst.no/en (gallery) you can search for your work and see what kids from other countries have painted. 
Collection, Presentation, Exhibition
DIE ZEIT and The International Museum of Children’s Art will view all international entries, and share a selection of artwork with all partners during the first half of June. 
**Partners;  Besides the two Initiators
Washington Post – USA
Anorak – UK
The Straits Times – Singapore.
Joca newspaper – Brazil
News-O-Matic, the Daily News Just for Kids, U.S.
Le Journal des Enfants – France
Mi Super Diario, (My Super Newspaper) Bolivia,  Latin America
Media, organizations or museums who want to become part of the worldwide project are still welcome to join the call.

What happens after entries are submitted?
Selected artworks from kids from all over the world will be published in newspapers and on websites – on June 18th. Further on selected shortlisted posted original artworks will be presented at The International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, Norway and included in the Museum’s gallery website, so the kids can have a faster look on what is going on. Since the Museum at present is under lockdown, an announcement of the exhibition in Oslo will be made at a later stage. We would carefully like to announce an exhibition in Oslo for the end of this extraordinary year or if any delays, early 2021. 

“Corona-Virus-Mama with Corona-Virus-Baby”, drawn by 8-year-old Mila from Bad Schönborn, Germany.

For more information, please contact:
Katrin Hoernlein
Responsible for young readers

Angela Goldin
The International Museum of Children’s Art

Postal address for entries: 
The International Museum of Children’s Art, 
street; Lille Frøens vei 4, 
Postal code; N-0371 Oslo, Norway
Twitter: @barnekunst
Background: DIE ZEIT and the International Museum of Children’s Art have been collaborating successfully in the past years (2017, 2018 & 2019) with drawing-calls on the topic: “What future world do you want to live in?”

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