Families and private visitors

Families and private visitors are welcome to visit us. As a private visitor you don’t have to make an appointment in advance.

Here you’ll find three floors of art created by children and youth from all over the world. In our collection we have images from more than 180 different countries, and we recommend that you set aside some time – there’s so much to look at. For those who might want some inspiration for a more active way of engaging with our different exhibitions, we have several programs and fun tasks that might help you along.

Solve our exhibition crossword puzzle! Our crossword puzzle opens up for a slightly different way of experiencing our exhibitions. The challenge lies in matching artworks on display in the museum with its titles, but on the crossword-design you will only see small fragments of the artworks you are looking for. You really have to have an eye for details when solving this task. It’s fun and challenging for both kids and adults. When you have found all the different titles, you’ll also find the key word of the crossword, and for this you get a prize!

In our portrait exhibition you’ll find a small brochure called «Actively looking at images: Portraits». You can use this as a starting point to spark a conversation about what portraits are and can be. You can bring the brochure with you while looking at the different images.

In the basement we have a workshop area where you’ll find drawing equipment, scissors, glue, coloured paper, embellishments and lots of other things that will hopefully inspire you to make your own art. We also have a little drawing station in the midst of the exhibitions, in case you find yourself acutely inspired and need to scribble down your ideas immediately!

In our book nook there’s a good selection of books for you to read while you are here. Thematically they range from dinosaurs to the universe to many different ways of being a dad.

The museum has a large garden with sculptures, playground and tables and benches where you can eat your packed lunch. You are welcome to hang out in our garden, even if you don’t mean to visit the museum that day.

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