2014: “Daddy world wide”

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"Father as a lover of television", girl (13), Norway

“Father as a lover of television”, girl (13), Norway

The International Museum of Childrens Art is pleased to present the exhibition ”Daddy world wide”. The museum has invited children from all corners of the world to express their understanding of what a daddy is and should be. What meaning do they attach to fatherhood, and what do they
consider important about being a dad?

The International Museum of Childrens Art has examined the term fatherhood on numerous occasions, including the 1979 project ”Father – seen through the eyes of children”, and again in 1994 with the project ”Family”. The material from the project ”Father – seen through the eyes of children” resulted in establishing a museum for children and young people’s artistic expression. We received more than 2200 contributions for the international project ”Daddy World Wide” and from over 37 different countries. In addition to several portraits of daddies, the exhibition shows a range of father figures in various situations; dad at work, dad as a caregiver, in his spare time and in everyday life.

In the exhibition ”Daddy World Wide” you will find both new material, and
material from the museum’s collection. The images on display are made by
children and youths, with the youngest contributor being 3 years old and the
eldest 18. More than 20 different countries are represented. It’s essential for
the museum to make sure that children have their say and are being heard.
They are the source of a tremendous expertice when it comes to dad
experiences – an expertice we wish to pass on.

Main image: “She was happy when daddy came”, May Britt (11), Norway