The International Museum of Childrens Art What's on Kids in Jazz concert 13.08.17 (video)

Kids in Jazz concert 13.08.17 (video)

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Kids in Jazz is an international mini festival for the youngest jazz talents, and it is an annual event in Oslo in connection to Oslo Jazz Festival. The festival was established in the spring of 2012, through a collaboration between Improbasen, Sapporo Junior Jazzschool, the National Jazz Scene, Oslo Jazz Festival and Barnas Jazzhus (Children’s Jazzhouse)

** The International Museum of Children’s Art is a venue where children and young people have the opportunity to develop and showcase their talents in arts and culture. The collaboration between Kids inJazz and the museum provides a wonderful opportunity to bring young people together across artistic expressions and genres.

Time: Sunday August 13 at 13.30

(video: by Aron Eskeland)