2015: Paint project Økernly Kindergarten

During the spring of 2015 children in Økernly kindergarten (Oslo) collaborated on a paint project, where children of all ages worked together on the same canvas. The starting point was 9 canvases sized 50x70cm which was taped up with masking tape.

The two toddlers departments focused on colors. They worked on color mixing and explored various techniques. The kids did the mixing themselves, they finger painted, painted with brushes, they poured out paint directly on to the canvas and the like.

Canvases filled with color then proceeded to the two big kids departments. Here they focused on geometric shapes, where the kids were thaught the different shapes’ names. They used potatoes and black paint to bring out the various forms and shapes. Lastly the kids helped tear the masking tape off, and different patterns and shapes occured in the painting.

About 80 kids participated in the project, aged 14 months to 6 years.



  • English
  • Norsk bokmål