Climate and environment seen through the eyes of children and young people

The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg (16) inspires children and young people around the world with her school strikes and climate actions and has stated, among other things, that the future of children rests mostly in the hands of adults, and that it seems as if adults do not take it in particular seriousness, since not much happens other than mostly talk..

For us humans, it is society that determines how life turns out. Children and young people, as our most vulnerable group, are observant and think about the things they see around them. They believe in what they see and are hopeful through their own imagination. Today’s environment and intense climate change also strongly affect children and young people, and the message of this exhibition is to remind everyone that you are never too small to make a difference!

Through art as a tool, the Children’s Art Museum wants to ask various climate questions and mobilize for dialogue about children’s future, their active participation in society, rights and important voice. The exhibition consists of over 75 works including paintings which, among other things, illuminate various metaphors and life in both good and bad ways. Children and young people visualize man-made challenges and solutions such as cleaning up the world’s rubbish, alternative lives on other planets, ecological chaos, colorful time windows etc. All works are from the museum’s permanent collection and date back to the 1990s and up to now.

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