Excerpts from our guest book

Excerpts from our guest book post thumbnail image

“I love the museum because it gives me ideas. The thing I liked the most is the different countries. My favorite picture was “Nature”. But I think there should be more girls paintings from Iran. By Lauryn, aged 8, from England”

”I had fun with grandma, grandpa and Tiril. We played the drums! We would like to come back! Ps. There’s always something painful in a good thing and there’s always a good thing in something painful! Best regards, Karoline”

”It was such fun being here and looking at the strange sculptures and making a strange thing.” Ingvild, Sigrid og Magnus

”Have been wanting to see this museum for many years. And it lived up to expectations – quite overwhelming, but makes you smile and appreciative of all the talent in the world” Thomas (57), Copenhagen

”We were so impressed by the art that children can produce! We are students from Holland and we are studying to become awesome teachers. Our visit was really inspiring. Thank you so much!”  Nrenke, Maud, Bo, Eva, Ingrid, Cilia, Marye, Hindrik, Jennifer, Linde, Maryke, Marye, Rianne

“Fantastic museum! What talents! Bravo to the kids! Thank you for this initiative.” XXX Mathieu, 19 år, Frankrike

Image: “Black Cats”, Nobuyuki Kumasaka (7),Japan