FEBRUARY: Storytelling – “Vasilisa the Beautiful “

Winter break week 8: Actor Kirsten Høeg performs “Vasilisa the Beautiful” – a Russian fairytale about a girl who is subjected to great tribulations...   Read more

FEBRUARY: Art workshop

Sunday 08.02 and 15.02 In February the theme is portraits. We’ll make collages using colourful paper and old newspapers and magazines. We’ll study faces...   Read more

2015: The Parliament’s drawing competition 2014

As part of the constitutional bicentenary in 2014, the Parliament arranged a drawing competition, inviting 1. – 4. graders to draw the front page...   Read more

2015: Otakara Ševčíka Art school

Základní umělecká škola Otakara Ševčíka is an art school located in Pisek in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1901, the school has a long...   Read more

2015: 49 Heroes

This exhibition presents 49 cut-outs designed by children aged 3-16. The figures were designed by children who were admitted to the KK Women’s and...   Read more

2015: The great wheel

The great wheel – by the Vick d’Azir School, Paric, France “The great wheel“ is an art project initiated by artist Pia Myrvold and...   Read more

JANUARY: Art workshop

SUNDAYS 18.01.15 og 22.01.15 11.00-16.00 We kick off the new year by making mandalas! Mandala means “circle” and is a known symbol all over...   Read more

SATURDAYS: Drum and music activity

On Saturdays you can participate in our weekly drum and music activity. The sessions are guided by one of our skilled musicians and starts...   Read more

2015: Etchings: De Driemaster school

The 4th graders at De Driemaster school in the Netherlands have been working with a traditional printing technique called etching. Etching is the process...   Read more

2015: Jesse King Andrews

At age two, Jesse King Andrews drew his first lion. At age three, he drew his first tiger. At age five, he entered an...   Read more

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