2015: Government for a day

What if children were allowed to decide and influence their own future? The collage workshop “Government for a day” was a program aimed at...   Read more


PROGRAM JUNE JULY AUGUST   GUIDED TOURS AND ACTIVITIES There’s a guide and musician available all Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer. Book...   Read more

2015: Mikael’s digital universe

Mikael is 15 years old and comes from Karlsøy, Troms. He loves to draw, and he’s been drawing since he was little. His drawings...   Read more

Visited us recently?

We would much appreciate it if you took the time to answer our questionnaire about your experience at the museum. You can do so...   Read more

MAY: Art workshop

Sunday: 03.05 and 31.05 We’ll make images of trees and organic shapes! Trees can be used for so many things; they are nice to...   Read more

MAY: Storytelling – “Soria Moria Castle”

Tuesdays in May: 5.5, 12.5, 19.5 and 26.5 For the first time at the Museum of Childrens Art, Kirsten Hoeg performs the beloved folktale...   Read more


Rhythm and music is a big part of the experience at the museum, and this is reflected in the store. Here you can buy...   Read more


We have an ever growing selection of books for sale. Here you’ll find educational art books for children, specialist books for adults who work...   Read more

Drawing and creativity

In our museum shop you’ll find a range of products ment to evoke your creativity no matter what your age might be! We have...   Read more

Souvenirs and toys

HAY animal masks Create convincing costumes with this professional mask – or use it as a three-dimensional decoration for your wall. The masks are...   Read more

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